Faith Elevated Mission Camp

A Christian response to the gospel need in Utah.

Utah has tremendous need for the Gospel. Faith Elevated is our response toward that need by strengthening and establishing a healthy church in every Utah town.

Join us in Utah June 12th-16th, 2023

The Need

Utah is 68.5% Mormon (LDS) and has fewer Biblical Christians than anywhere else in the western hemisphere of the world. There are still several towns and cities in Utah that remain without a single Biblical Christian church of any denomination.

Utah needs the gospel.

The Response

Faith Elevated is a week-long mission boot camp for high-schoolers and adults from across the country. We will equip you with practical ways to share Biblical truth in love in areas of apologetics, evangelism, discipleship, and church planting.

Where, Exactly?

You will be ministering all along the Wasatch Front. You will be residing in Utah County, which is just 25 miles south of the Mormon (LDS) church headquarters in SLC. Utah County is home to Brigham Young University and the LDS church’s largest Missionary Training Center. Utah County has a population of 700,000 people and only 25 Biblically-based Christian churches. Utah County averages 26 LDS churches for every 10,000 people.

To better understand Utah, teams will have opportunities to interact with Mormon missionaries and other community members. Teams will visit several prominent landmarks where they will learn more about Utah’s unique culture and gospel needs, including a visit to Temple Square and the headquarters of the LDS Church.

Our Desire

By the time an individual or team leaves Utah, we hope that they develop a deeper passion for missions. We want to equip and empower them in the areas of apologetics and evangelism. Lastly, as a part of this mission, we hope to see local Christian communities, ministries, and churches in Utah be strengthened and encouraged.

Interested in Faith Elevated? Bring a Team, or Just Yourself!

Join us for a week of exciting growth and new, challenging experiences. Come help us as we saturate Utah with the Gospel.